"The Original Liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System" TM

World Class Liquid Applied Rubber Coatings.

Our trademarked Original All White Pure Premium High Performance Liquid Rubber Paints, coatings and sealants can restore, protect and preserve virtually all surfaces: Concrete, Barrel, Flat, or Clay S - Tile, Metal, Gravel, and Foam. From Roofs, Walls, Decks and much more..

Stops Roof Leaks, Real Hurricane Force Wind Protection

Before you undertake a roof replacement or property maintenance restoration simply purchase our pemium high performance paint coating products and have them profesionally installed throughout Miami Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County, South Florida. Out of our local reach, Don't Worry you can now purchase or products on this website which provides National and International reach through the exclusive roof store distribution network.

Roof Shield System Coatings were derived from swimming pools and below grade projects. This pure all white liquid rubber paint stops roof and wall leaks permanently on all types of commercial or residential projects. For example on cement tile roofs it is unequivocally proven to protect roofs against real hurricane force winds and water damage. Our company is the specialty contracting and manufacturing firm that succsessfully trademarked this outstanding innovative product that took over 50 years of combined engineering design efforts to perfect.

Remember there is only 1 " Original " Liquid Applied Rubber Arylic Coating.
The utilization of a unique proprietary paint manufacturing process that produces pure all white liquid Rubber Acrylic with out water, fillers, thickeners or extenders that still remains efficient, evironmentally safe and is a technological break throught in the industry.

The Original Liquid Applied Rubber coating has been used successfully on all surfaces and substrates and subjected to severe conditions ranging from the tropical to the freezing north.

The Original Liquid Rubber Roof Shield is the only coating Dade County uplift pull tested!
Wind Resistance Rating Tech Data (Florida Code TAS-106)

Philippians 4:13